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About us



The Church

Hornell Bible Church has been a welcoming, transforming church in the heart of Hornell, New York for over 50 years and continues to serve its members, friends and visitors with clear and practical Biblical teaching.  HBC welcomes all who seek the truth which leads to hope and peace.


The People

Hornell Bible is composed of warm and caring people. People from around area have found friendship and fellowship here.  Our common ground is the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition to traditional-style worship services, we enjoy meeting together for Bible studies, outreach events and other activities.


The Ministry

Hornell Bible strives to help people find the living and true God, in Whom are the answers to all of life's difficulties.  But finding God is just the beginning.  Knowing and developing a personal relationship with God takes time and study. 


We invite you to experience the abundant joy and peace that comes through a personal relationship with God by ministry involvement at Hornell Bible.

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